Why the Taliban Never Calms Down from Their Dogmatic Position?

Although the intra-Afghan talks started two weeks ago in Doha, no significant results have been achieved so far . the Taliban continued to put the government on a tight spot both in the negotiations table and in the battlefield. In Doha, the Taliban insist in basing the US-Taliban agreement with raising some religious divisions but in the battlefield,  as the Afghan Ministry of Defense recently reported, they launched attacks in 24 provinces of the country.

In addition, the Taliban added a new condition in recent days seeking to renegotiate some parts of the agreement signed between United States and Taliban While the government and people of Afghanistan have frequently showed their good-will such as releasing a huge of number of Taliban’s prisoners. The unilateral position of Taliban has raised a lot questions in Afghanistan why they never come down from their dogmatic position.  Do they really have intention for putting an end to the senseless war or the key to peace is not factually in the hand of Taliban? Why Taliban insist to base the US-Taliban agreement in intra-Afghan peace talks?  If the Taliban is not able to independently decide, if  the Taliban fighters continue to target the security forces and civilians in an attempt to put pressure on the Afghan government and people, will the intra-Afghan talks produce any favorable results? And finally, what is the genuine position of regional and international community in such a hard situation?
It seems that the Taliban insist in basing the US-Taliban agreement because it is bit ambiguous about future system in the country.  In fact, the US-Taliban agreement was not clearly in coordination and participation of Afghan people and neither clearly mentioned anything about future system while resolution of the  recent Loy Jirga obviously reflected the will and interests  of Afghan people. the consultative Loy Jirga was comprised of more than 3000 Afghan people’s representative and held for consultation about Taliban prisoners’ issues and peace process. the Loy Jirga resolution clearly emphasized on protection of past achievement including preserving Islamic Republic, women rights, human rights, civil freedom and so on , but the US-Taliban agreement was a bit ambiguous and so the Taliban may want to use it to reach their emirate dreams. Given the successive attacks of Taliban in all parts of the country,  given the inflexible position of Taliban in negotiating table, given the commitment that the released prisoners would not return to the battlefields but has factually returned and given that the Taliban pledged to disconnect its ties with terrorist groups such Daesh and Al-Qaeda but reportedly has not, the Taliban is not ready for a win-win settlement in the country.
According to some analysts, the Taliban intends to get immunity for their insurgent military such as Hisbuallah Political party in Lebanon in parallel to the national army in the country. Likewise, the Taliban supporters may not be willing to lose their strategic tools using inside and outside the country.  there is also another analysis that the international community with withdrawing from the country want to give a lesson to the regional countries who were against their presence in Afghanistan. So, any political conformity  and convergence with Taliban will not have good consequences for Afghanistan and regional countries. Unfortunately, some of the neighboring countries, instead of supporting the legitimate and democratic system in Afghanistan, they were more supportive  to the extremist groups . If an extremist and dictatorial group dominate on the country, the extremist ideology will also transmit to the whole region. the extremist groups can be easily used against any country and anyone while a moderate and democratic government is not likely to be used as a weapon against anyone in the region.
Given the growing concerns and questions, If the Taliban have a good intention in the country, they must prove their good-will with a ceasefire in the country and stop killing their Muslim brothers and compatriots in the country. they should also stop religious divisions as a tactic in the negotiation table. According to experts,  the Taliban pursues several goals with emphasizing the principles of Hanafi jurisprudence as a source of dispute resolution;  they want to expose the government to public judgment in the first place. If during the negotiations, they face a challenge in the process and the people criticizes the Taliban’s interpretation of jurisprudence, then they use jurisprudence is in conflict with human rights teachings. In general,  If the Taliban really want peace and want to choose a peaceful life in the country, they must respect the people, respect the past achievement and the political system of Afghanistan. The Taliban should realize the citizen’s good-will and interest of their own country.
the Taliban must note that their calculation are unrealistic and far from social and political facts of modern Afghanistan. It is true that Taliban removed their names from UN blacklist, but they cannot easily remove their names from blacklist of Afghanistan’s history and should not farther blacken their name or fame killing hundreds and thousands of poor innocent people in the country. the Taliban should not belittle the national army that is able to act as an impregnable barrier and defeat the Taliban anywhere in the country. The flexibility of government, people and national security must be misused and  they not be allowed to establish doctorial system in twenty first century. Afghan security forces, regardless of ethnical difference, they are considered as strong  deterrent power.

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